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Adrian Buckley founded ABC Trust, which funded the construction of The Kyasira Home of Hope in 2012. Having the intention to help those less fortunate, Adrian hoped the charity could focus on housing those in need and aiding impoverished children in Uganda. Unfortunately, there is no state-funded welfare provision in Uganda, various problems resulting from the civil war, and mass suffering and disease. Although, the government had invested heavily in public health education, with considerable success, thousands of children had been orphaned as a result of this disaster.

Therefore, Adrian had appointed four religious sisters from the Order of the Good Samaritan, to care for the orphans at The Kyasira Home of Hope. The sisters, refer to the children as their “sons” and “daughters” and provide a loving environment for them all. Adrian and his family, have visited the home, where they could see that “the children are healthy and well fed. They are full of smiles. The surrounding farmland has been well cultivated and the livestock is very well managed indeed. The children eat fresh fruit, vegetables and eggs along with chicken and fish. They have enough left over to make a small profit for the orphanage.”

2012-13 PLANT WORK

Adrian Buckley founded ABC Trust and build The Kyasira Home of Hope in 2012, with the intention to help those less fortunate. The charity focused on housing those in need and aiding impoverished children in Uganda. In 2013, Adrian organised an annual visit to the home. He encouraged and assisted in planting trees around the home, to provide a homely environment for the children.


At the DFNI event, Buckley London was able to raise over £50,000 -£85,000 at the DFNI Gemstones and Jewels Ball in honour of the trust. The donations were used to build a school to go alongside the home. The home was under construction, which would ensure that “orphans would be educated free of charge, and the locals who apply to attend the school will be paying fees so it will be sustainable in the long-term.”


The money raised through the ABC Trust was used to build and furnish a new school building. On opening day, there were 71 children registered for the first term. The charity has not only funded the construction project, but also the uniforms and equipment. Adrian invested resources to expand and develop the home to provide the children with a new kitchen, dining room and dormitories.


Unfortunately, following the flood of Lake Victoria, the home left 62 vulnerable children. However, Adrian initiated fast-action and worked with locals to accommodate the children. He was able to invest resources back into the home, through sew crops in nearby land. These were sold to buy more resources and food. Adrian also invested in tractors to maintain the sewing of crops, to encourage self-sufficiency.